Ask The Void

This project really pushed my knowledge of JavaScript (as well as HTML and CSS). For my first landing page I wanted to make something fun for me. So, I created a psychedelic magic 8-ball based around an interdimensional eyeball. Its all a part of my secret plan to open up a wormhole via the internet. For this project I created a video background with Adobe and CSS. I created an audio player with three original songs. I then wrote an event listener that randomly choose between the 3 songs to auto-play after the last song finishes. The page needed a place to submit questions, so I built a comment box and attached a button that when pressed raffled through 16 different phrases. The button has an event listener attached and when ‘clicked’ produces a randomized answer. My last event listener was attached to a subscribe button, to keep people up to date with the page. This project was so much fun! I can’t wait to get deeper into the program and see how far I can take the assignments.


Just a Web Developer in development

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